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Baysek C-170 Flatebed Die Cutter

Cross Container has expanded their capabilities once again with the recent addition of a Baysek C-170 Flatbed Die Cutter. Boasting remarkable speed and innovative technology, the Baysek offers Cross and its customers cu


  • 55” X 67” size

  • High speed operation

  • One operator capability

  • Quick set up and no make ready required

  • 100% pneumatic stripped waste – no hand stripping necessary

  • Suction cup die board for accurately counted, neatly stacked units

  • Servo Drive Control System

  • User-friendly touch screen

How this helps our customers:

  • Efficient runs save time and money

  • Waste extraction system eliminates hours of labor and manpower

  • Perfectly stacked units with no nicking required

  • Greater ability to fulfill specific requirements

Baysek’s ingenuity allows Cross to meet almost any customer need in less time and at a fraction of the cost!

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