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Flexographic Printing

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

An industry standard for corrugated cartons, flexographic (flexo) printing is one of the most cost effective options for putting print on a box. From basic certification stamps, to complex multiple color printing jobs, flexo printing helps elevate a carton from a simple box, to an eye catching display for the end user.

The process works similar to a roller stamp. The corrugated sheets are fed through the machine as the printing plate, which is mounted to a metallic cylinder, rotates at high speeds. With each revolution, the printing plate runs across an anilox roll, which transfers the ink evenly throughout the print plate for full coverage.

From there, our experienced crew will register the print, while adjusting the pressure to ensure that the ink is properly transferring to the corrugated material. Once the print is approved by several supervisors, the machine runs at full speed until the order is completed.

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